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dog lovers market

Interesting Information about our Dogs

For us Dog Lovers when it comes to having a dog as a member of the family, isn't it interesting how most dogs are easy going, easy to love, don't require much attention as long as we provide them with food and water. Dogs are really pretty resilient. They don't really demand much but are extremely faithful. That is why we have an endearing love for these "best friends".

How do they find their way home?

How can a dog get lost on a trip, even a trip that is hundreds of miles away from home, and somehow, by some miracle, finds their way home. There was actually a study about this.

Researchers from the Czech Republic conducted a study using 27 dogs from 10 different breeds. They strapped cameras on the dogs and equipped them with GPS Collars and then the owners of the dogs walked the dogs through a forest. As soon as their dog took off after a prey or something that caught their attention, the owners would stop in place and wait for their dogs to find their way back to their owner.

In 30% of the cases, the dogs would run back and forth in a north-south route for several times and then make a b-line directly back to their owners. The researchers concluded that the dogs the dogs ran these north-south runs to determine their compass bearings and then ran directly back to their owners based on the dogs compass bearings and where their owner was last seen.

A Few Other Interesting Facts

Dogs are really amazing animals which endears us to them. Did you know that a dog's nose print is unique to each dog, much like our fingerprints. Speaking of dog's noses, they can sense heat/thermal radiation. Also did you know that dogs curl up in a ball when sleeping to protect their organs.

So why are dog lovers true blue when it comes to their canine friends? It is because of their unwavering loyalty to their master. We seem to love those that love us. You can't find another animal, or for that matter, another human being that gives love so unconditionally as a dog. 

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